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Successful companies today recognize the value of strong corporate reputation among their stakeholders while intelligent government understands the power of garnering favorable support for their policies. Whether tapping financial markets for business growth, achieving dominant market share or attracting top talents to their organization, a common need threads these desires: companies are jostling to capture the attention and imagination of specific target audiences.

At Stratagem Consultants, we partner these companies and government agencies to position themselves through strategic message development, corporate branding programme, creative publicity campaigns and most importantly, media coverage.

Headquartered in Singapore, Stratagem Consultants has an impressive track record in advising, planning and executing successful communication programmes for clients from diverse industry sectors, from banking and finance to electronics and technology.

Stratagem has a global network of affiliates in the ASEAN region, the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Japan, India, the UAE/ Middle East, Europe, Russia, Australia and New Zealand.

We are therefore well-positioned to coordinate and execute projects for clients globally.

With proven effectiveness in developing sound plans and implementing successful programmes, Stratagem Consultants has become a familiar and reliable name among business leaders, financial and government organisations and professional bodies in the region.

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